Welcome to my music gallery. Right now it's mostly video game music, but I will always be adding more files to this page.


Final Fantasy III US

Celes' theme
ending theme
Figaro (Edgar and Sabin's) theme
Espers' theme
Terra's theme
Cyan's theme
Searching for Friends- Falcon Airship
Locke's theme
Rachel's theme (melodies of this and Locke's are the same
Inside Setzer's Airship
Relm's theme
This is either Overworld-of-Balance or Terra's thme...
Town (still happy)
Town under martial law
Town in world of ruin...
Gau's theme
Opening theme, with Magitek soldiers marching through the snow
Opera Intro (?)
Battle Theme
Magitek Factory
Gogo's Theme
I forgot!!!
Owzer's House (Damn paintings)
Techno de Chocobo
Strago's Theme
Umaro's Theme
Prelude (Harp)
Shadow's Theme (kinda kewl)
Coin- Who will be King of Figaro?
Daryl's theme Setzer's pilot friend, owner of the Falcon
Rhapsody of themes (Terra, Kefka, Battle, and Prologue
Serpent Trench
Mt. Zozo
Vector Empire Capital
Setzer's theme
Aria de Mezzo Caraterre (Opera song)
Rest in Peace Try again

Final Fantasy VII

Barret's Theme
Cait Sith (Ket Shee)
Chocobo Dance
Ctach a Chocobo!
get ready to Chocobo race?
Choco Dance 2- Macarena
Costa del Sol
Mako Reactor
March for Prez Doofus
Midgar's Slums
Temple of the Ancients
Turks Theme
Vincent Valentine
Village of Wutai
City of Ancients
Cloud's date
Boss Battle theme
OverWorld theme
Tifa's theme
Red XIII's theme
FF7 battle music!!!:
FF7 Main theme
Aeris' theme Only about 20 minutes long or so...*lmao*
What really happened on that day 5 years ago?
Midgar Reactor Bombing mission
Anxious heart (one of my fav slow themes)
Cid's Theme
Cosmo Canyon (also Reb XIII's theme)
Sending a Dream Into the Universe (Rocket Ship)
Ancient Forest(s?)

Gold Saucer theme
The Town of Kalm)
March for President Rufus (I always did so badly on this
Materia Mountain
Game Over!
Who are you?!?
Shinra theme
Overworld theme
Highwind Airship theme
Seto's theme (Red XIII's father)
Invasion of Shinra building Stairs and more stairs...
Aeris' church
Bugenhagen's Galaxy "Grandfather" to Nanaki.
Bone Village
I Found you Cloud but you seem like you should be committed to the looney bin...
Northern Crater I likes :)

Chrono Trigger

Belthasar (Guru of Reason)
An unreleased battle theme...
The original battle theme
Boss battle theme
Magus' theme!
Robo's Theme
The Trial
Prelude music...
Denadoro Mountains
Mountain song. (Unreleased) This was supposed to be the theme of the Last Village (after Zeal was destroyed).
End of Time music
The Millennial Fair
Frog's theme
Guardia Castle
Silent Light sad
Guardia Forest
Crono's (main) theme
Marle's theme
Lavos Theme
Lucca's Theme
Ayla's theme
Magus' castle
1000 AD overworld 2
Zeal Kingdom theme
Remix of Enhasa/Zeal...
My/Schala's theme!
Schala- remix
Wings of Time- Epoch
Ocean Palace
Spekkio's theme
Oops..Game over
Battle- Lavos' Core
Mountain song w/wind this time...


Awaken (Deus)
Lost...broken shards
Distant Promise
Shevat- the wind is calling (Reminds my weird bf of me)
Chain of ocean and fire- sad theme
Uncapturable Jewel


Secret of Mana Fortress theme:
Secret of Mana Theme:
Men In Black
Stairway to Heaven hehehe
Hurt by Nine Inch Nails (YEAH!!)
Pachelbel's Canon in D kewl clasical song..hehehe
Moonlight Sonata
Virtual Insanity: by Jamiraquai
Tenese: The first song I wrote on MIDI


Chrono Trigger: ZIP collection
Final Fantasy 3 US: ZIP collection
Final Fantasy 7: More ZIP...

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-Celes, Final Fantasy 3 US

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